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Please Help the Shrine


This Shrine was built with the help of anonymous people. We emphasize the generosity of all the Portuguese people of the Mainland and of the then colonies, who, despite economic and social difficulties, built this project up.

In the fundraising effort let us not forget the commitment of the children of Portugal, who, through a campaign titled 'Little Pebbles', made their contribution.

After 50 years, the Shrine has not yet created all the conditions necessary for better receiving its visitors, due to various factors, of which we emphasize the economic.

In 2001, it was necessary to start restoration work on the Monument, absolutely necessary for the safety of the visitors. This work amounted to about one million Euros, of which we still owe around 750 thousand.

In November of 2003, the Portuguese Bishops decided to earmark the money raised during the Offertory of the Masses of Christ-King Sunday for paying off this debt. Unfortunately it was not enough.

Since the Shrine didn't have almost any facilities to receive its visitors, it was decided to postpone the amortization of the debt in order to create conditions favorable to the attraction of more visitors and to better serve them.

We think that this goal is being achieved. Now we have to return to the repayment of the debt, so that we can then turn our attention to the new planned projects.

The Shrine lives exclusively from the receipts from the elevator and from the donations of the faithful. The maintenance expenses are extensive, not leaving margin for new investments, which could better serve our visitors.

Appealing to the spirit of sharing, the Shrine thanks, ahead of time, the generosity of all those willing to help the project of construction of the infrastructures needed, as well as to repay the existing debt.

Your donation can be sent directly to the Shrine by mail or transfered to its bank account with the following number: 0007.0228.00001770007.51

Or, if you live abroad; with the following number: IBAN: PT50 0007 0228 0000 1770 0075 1   BESCPTPL

The Shrine can issue donation receipts for tax purposes, both to individuals and to businesses.

Another way to help is by purchasing souvenirs from our on-line shop.