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Future Projects


The great preoccupation of the National Shrine of Christ-King is to create the necessary conditions so that each Pilgrim/Visitor may feel, in this place, that interior Peace of which the Gospel of Jesus talks about.

Having this in mind, any project to be planned will have to always take into account the message of Peace transmitted by the Statue of Christ-King itself.

The signs visible in the Shrine, they themselves should be able to make known to us the great Mysteries of the Christian Faith.

In a world marked by divisions of every sort, the statue of Christ-King, on the Top of Pragal, Almada, is a reference to interior peace and harmony, capable of transforming hearts, one by one, and to affect hearts in general.

Since it is a Shrine dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the planning of future structures will always have in mind this spirituality: "God, through His Love, wishes to win over for Himself the whole of Mankind".

As very well said the Servant of God Pope John Paul II, only the way of Love converts hearts and give them Peace.

With this great spiritual preoccupation in mind, these are the projects that are planned for the short and the medium run:

1 - Embellishment of the base of the pedestal that supports the statue of Christ-King with sculptural works of art in bronze, through which the spirituality of the Shrine will be made known.

2 - Landscaping with lawns the surrounding grounds.

The strategic importance of the Monument to Christ-King led the Local Government of Almada, with the due consent of the Shrine, to order a study on the strategic framing of the Shrine within the City, so that the Municipal General Plan may be altered in order to allow for the construction of the following equipments:

1 - Pilgrim Shelter

2 - Restaurant Zone

3 - Polyvalent Amphitheater

4- Esplanade for great celebrations

5 - Museological Nucleus

6 -Parking Lot

7 - Pedestrian Trails

8 - Green Zones

The Shrine pretends to create, with these physical projects, the needed conditions so that all those visiting us may fill their interior with and question themselves about the Merciful Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


There are plans also for the construction of a museum having, as main theme, 'PEACE'.

Although the museum is still in the planning stages, the Shrine already possesses some pieces for that future museum, such as:

-Liturgical paraphernalia, fruit of donations of gold and jewels, made by Portuguese people, for the construction of the Monument. The gold from the ones not sold has been used to make the following pieces: 2 Monstrances, 1 Chalice, 1 Pyx.

- Chalice donated by Pope John XXIII

- Small fragment of the cross held by Pope John Paul II in his last Holy Friday, in the private chapel of the pontifical apartment, while he watched the Way of the Cross at the Coliseum.

- Pectoral cross and ring belonging to Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (1996).

- Commemorative medal of the fiftieth anniversary of the Diocese of Lubango, Angola, donated by Archbishop Zacarias Kamwenho, Sakharov Prize 2001.

- Three commemorative medals each of the first three years of the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI, donated by the Pope himself.

Besides things of this kind, the Museum will also have a Gallery where the history of the construction of the Monument and the development of the Shrine will be displayed.